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i2i provides an incredible, highly tailored experience that is totally unmatched - but don't listen to us, hear it from our players...

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We are the UK's most reputable, leading soccer academy. Delivering a truly one-of-a-kind program for our student athletes

The UK's Premier Soccer Development Program

Develop With Elite, Ex Professional Premier League Soccer Players

No "Red Shirting" Less Time Sitting, More Time Developing

No NCAA Ruling / 9 Months Of Soccer, 40+ Fixtures, Showcase Games Against Pro Teams

A Bespoke Education Program That Promotes Education & Soccer Time Simultaneously

A Massive Range Of Majors, Complete Your Degree In Just 3 Years, + Optionally Achieve A Masters In Just 12 months

State Of The Art Facilities, Private Accommodation & Player Monitoring Technology

One Of The Best Experiences I've Ever Had...

Personally, I love this! I’m very grateful for i2i... If you have the chance to join i2i I would say go for it!

My Experience Here Has Been Phenomenal...

I've had the opportunity to play showcase games and getting help from great coaches that have played in the Premier League.

This experience is unlike any other one you can get in the States, or wherever you are.

The Best Thing Is The Coaching Staff...

If you are willing to work hard and take everything out of this experience and want to take your game to the next level, this is a great place to be.

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Our coaching team includes genuine ex professional Premier League players that you'll be training with every day; including players such as Jono Greening, Bryan Hughes & Michael Ingham.

The UK is not governed by NCAA ruling, which means you'll benefit from a massive 9 month season as opposed to just 3 months in the US. That means you would play the same amount of football in 1 year at i2i, that you would in 3 whole years in the US!

All our players are treated equally and given equal game time, unlike in the US where players are given preferential treatment. We do not favour players based on skill; each of our students gets the opportunity to develop, play games and gain experience!

The i2i program provides a bespoke educational program that promotes a healthy balance of study and soccer - no timetable interruptions, clashes or "juggling" needed. Your education takes place during the day with your football taking place in the afternoon. 

We don't have a "General Ed" year in the UK, therefore you'll begin your major in year 1, allowing you to complete your degree in just 3 years (or your Masters in 4). At i2i, we offer the widest range of majors available for a soccer program in the UK!

We offer exclusive tools for students & parents to track progress, provide full match analysis and monitor player wellbeing - along with incredible facilities and comfortable, private accommodation. 

Soccer In The US

Play around 20+ Fixtures Per Year

Play around 40+ Fixtures Per Year

NCAA Ruling & Regulations

3 Months Of Soccer Per Year

NCAA Regulations Do Not Apply

9 Months Of Soccer Per Year

Red Shirting / Older Player Preference

All Players Receive Equal Playtime

Generalised Coaching Staff

9 Months Of Soccer Per Year

Generalised Study Timetable For All Students

Shared Accommodation & Facilities

Private Accommodation & Facilities

Bespoke Study Timetable Built For Players

Complete Your Degree In 4 Years

Complete Your Degree In 3 Years

Save 25% On Tuition Fees

The Difference Between US Soccer & Our Academy

Pave Your Way To Soccer To Professional Level Soccer.

Develop alongside leading ex-professional soccer players. 

Complete a high level education and major in just 3 years as opposed to 4 years in the US. 

Thanks to our efficient educational program, you'll be saving 25% on all tuition fees.